Best Golf Shoes for 2021

Top Golf Shoe Review Ireland 2021

The average length of a golf course is 6600 yards. That is a distance of nearly four miles. A little over 6 kilometres.

Or, to put it another way, 9,000 steps.

(Not to mention, if your golf is anything like mine, you might need to factor in a few extra steps taken to locate wayward balls!)

Whilst you are now no doubt congratulating yourself over the impressive distance you cover when enjoying a gentle 18 holes, perhaps you should also give some thought to whether your current golf shoes are up to the job?

It is vital that golfers wear the correct shoes. They must fit snugly, keep feet dry and remain comfortable throughout the entire round. Wearing the wrong shoes can often result in sore and aching feet, inflamed ankles and blisters.

The last thing you want when going in to the 18th one hole up is for your concentration to be affected by the failings of your footwear.

However, there are many factors to consider before splashing out on a new pair. Do you want spiked or spikeless? leather or synthetic? laces or BOA? traditional or athletic?

In short, how will you know if your new shoes will be up to par?

So, before the soggy months draw in, let’s have a look at which might suit you best when you next set off to spoil a good walk.

#1 Calloway Corando

This leather, traditional style shoes combines the classic aesthetic of the golf shoe with the cutting edge technology that one expects from Calloway.

It has a soft EVA midsole which supports the arch in your foot to provide all round comfort.

The Repel water resistant microfiber leather provides a barrier against the elements and the 9 spike TPU Fusion-Lite outsole locks you close to the ground for maximum stability. Calloway Corando on Amazon.

#2 Under Armour HOVR Fade

Despite being spikeless, this shoe provides an impressive amount of lockdown traction
whilst boasting a lighter, more flexible feel than some of its spiked competitors.

The unique UA HOVR technology helps develop shot power by matching and returning the energy that you invest into your swing.

Perhaps a little less effective when it comes to inclement weather; this would be a perfect summer golf shoe. View Under Armour Hovr Fade.

#3 Footjoy Hydrolite 2.0

This is a lovely looking shoe that utilises leather for both the inner and outer material and serves yet again to underline why Footjoy footwear is so highly regarded in the market.

It provides great traction underfoot and looks just as good on the 18th as it did walking onto the 1st.

100% waterproof and backed by Footjoy’s 1-year waterproof warranty, you will be seeing this shoe a great deal going into the winter months. See the Footjoy Hydrolite 2.0.

#4 Adicross Bounce 2.0

This shoe has a casual aesthetic and is marketed by Adidas as a shoe designed to ‘transition from the course to the street’.

Despite its laid-back styling, it is an impressive product with a comfortable custom Crossgrid lacing system, a sock-like construction that allows the shoe to hug the foot and soft Cloudfoam cushioning.

Perhaps not a shoe for the traditionalist but certainly does a job. The Adidas Bounce 2.0.

#5 Under Armour Speith 2

This sleek and stylish shoe has an integrated lacing system for a locked in fit and is 100% waterproof whilst remaining fully breathable.

Weighing only 408g, it is a superbly light shoe. Impressively, despite being so
lightweight, the shoe in no way compromises on lockdown traction or underfoot comfort.

View the Under Armour Speith 2.

Whilst this shoe might not actually make you play like Jordan, at least you can look like him in the car park!

#6 Adidas Tour 360 XT

This athletic looking shoe is a firm favourite amongst many golfers on the tour.

It combines the full length BOOST midsole technology that delivers maximum energy to your swing with the latest Tour 360 Wrap that locks you to the ground as you launch an arching drive down the middle.

A classic shoe – Tour proven and the go-to choice for out of the box comfort. Check out the Adidas Tour 360 XT.

#7 Footjoy Ecomfort

This competitively priced shoe from Footjoy might best be described as an ‘entry-level’ golf shoe.

It is made from easy-care synthetic leather which is water resistant whilst not being fully waterproof.

Designed for golfers at the higher end of the handicap ladder this shoe is a good, solid choice for the beginner. Read more on the Footjoy Ecomfort.

#8 ECCO Golf Biom Hybrid 3

At the upper end of the price scale, this eye-catching spikeless shoe would certainly feature high on the wish list of every keen golfer I know.

It is treated with an exclusive HYDROMAX water resistant technology which keeps feet dry for up to eight hours (which should be enough time for most of us to reach the 18th!)

It utilises BOA technology – an innovative turning knob that tightens and snaps laces into place rather than having to tie them by hand – giving the shoe a bespoke, personal feel.

A shoe made principally for accomplished golfers (but could well suit an optimistic mid-level handicapper looking to treat themselves!) Check them here – ECCO Golf Biom Hybrid 3

Nike Roshe G

This is solid, dependable shoe that will protect you from the elements whilst keeping you comfortable throughout the round.

Whilst it is not the most innovative when it comes to styling, this is a practical, reasonably priced golf shoe that is effective on a variety of surfaces.

I would recommend this shoe for an enthusiastic beginner that is looking for a shoe to see them through their first few years on the course. See the Nike Roshe G on Amazon.

Stuburt Evolve II All Weather Waterproof

This shoe looks a little more suitable for those rambling over the footpaths on a golf course rather than those making progress up the fairways. It is, however, not a shoe designed with the fair-weather golfer in mind.

It is marketed as a ‘fully waterproof golf boot’ and comes with a 1-year waterproof guarantee.

It features a high lacing system which allows you to tighten the boot around the ankle giving you extra safety and stability in the mud.

Assuming your golfing enthusiasm does not start to wain towards the end of the year, this boot will see you through many inclement winter rounds! Stuburt Weatherproof Golf Shoes.